quit 9 to 5 academy review

What is Quit 9 to 5 Academy? An Honest Review

Is Quit 9 to 5 legit? Or is it too good to be true?? I hope to anwer all these questions and much more. Here is an honest Quit 9 to 5 Academy review, formally scheduled to launch March 19th, 2019.

What is Quit 9 to 5 Academy?

For people who are looking to end the rat race also find true freedom and start a new lifestyle using affiliate marketing. The learning system is designed to help even the most inexperienced beginners grow their own business. The program is so easy to use that it is perfect for everyone. Quit 9 to 5 Academy gives you all the training you need to start in the affiliate marketing space.

quit 9 to 5

Powerhouse simply designed templets are transparent enough for any newbie to apply to get started. Next, the knowledge center teaches subjects such as, how to build and scale a sales funnel. Then they give you all the terms and tools needed to succeed in affiliate marketing. With time and accurate execution, the academy wants to help you truly ditch the 9 to 5 permanently.

What is Quit 9 to 5 Academy’s Price?

Mark Ling and Nick Torson are the creators that have used their years of personal experience with affiliate marketing to build this jammed packed program.

MARK LING quit 9 to 5 academy

Their program is perhaps a valuable investment for anyone truly looking to change the cycle or job. The Quit 9 to 5 Academy price is $2500 if paid at one time or payments can be paid in installments of $499 a month for 6 months. The price is steep but offers a 30-day money back guarantee, that makes it worth looking into for people looking to take their growth seriously.

Is Quit 9 to 5 Academy a Scam?

Mark Ling, the creator of Salehoo, partnered with Nick Torson, former flooring installer turned affiliate marketer, to create this treasure trove of knowledge and through the education system. The two are dedicated to mentoring and guiding growing young people who are passionate about online growth. Although the 9 to 5 Academy is not released to the public yet, you can trust that both creators are reputable and trustworthy. It does not appear that creators would sign their name to it if Quit 9 to 5 Academy scam.

quit 9 to 5 academy review

Final Quit 9 to 5 Academy Review

Quit 9 to 5 Academy is a large and information packed training. It has over 50 hours of videos and 20 or more hours of content packed into 6 modules. From the very start which is learning what affiliate marketing even is ending with advanced scaling and strategies.

Not only do you get all of this pre-packaged info Quit 9 to 5 Academy bonus features allow you to connect regularly with others via the Quit 9 to 5 Academy private Facebook Group. Any problems or ideas can be discussed and shared there. You are offered additional support and mentorship with weekly calls for experts to answer any questions asked.

Quit 9 to 5 Academy review is positive because the program promises to be updated regularly and offer information and new strategies as they become available. What is Quit 9 to 5 Academy? An investment towards a new future with a stellar team to help you grow and continue learning.

How to Start a Psychic Business?

My interest in tarot reading started when I saw a tarot kit at a bookstore way back when I was in middle school. Since I have don’t have enough money to purchase a kit I started just to do research and learn further through the internet. I was really interested and I use a lot of my free time to dig deeper and there came a time where I really wanted to talk to a real Psychic and tried to find one online which turned out to be a bogus, then after that I still tried to find a real one and years after, a friend of mine told me about a Toronto Psychic where I had my first real Psychic reading.

Now that I am older and already working, I still spend a lot of time studying tarot reading, I also do free readings with my friends and some family members. I wanted to enhance my skills further, hoping one day I could make a career out of it. Who wouldn’t want to earn while doing what you truly love?

Getting Started: Psychic Business

I was already thrilled due to the fact that I spoke with a real Psychic (from Toronto Psychic) that my friend recommended and I was even more pleased with the conversation that I had. Of course I wanted to know if I have what it takes to be one, and the answer that I had was affirmative. It was an eye opening moment for me hence it made my decision firmer to start a Psychic Business someday.

Below are some pointers to get you started:

  1. Draft a Business Plan. Take time to write a complete business plan so you can determine an assessment of how much money you will need as an investment and the projection of generated income etc. You will have to put your finances in order, and your overall strategy. At this point it is important to define what type of services will you offer, where to do your readings, if you will put up an office or if you will use your home instead, and what to charge.
  2. Get a certification. There are courses available to get a decent certification which adds credibility. Get a certification, invest in your skills.
  3. Learn your legal requirements. Legal requirements varies on every location. It is important to obtain proper business licenses, permits and other requirements. Take all the legal considerations so you can operate legally.
  4. Have a professional website. It is important to define your brand whether  you will create a DIY website or if you will ask a professional help. It is essential to establish a web presence.
  5. Market your services. Today there are tons ways on how to market your business, you can use social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs etc. Have a business card and be creative in marketing your services.

What other key points to consider?

  • In starting a Psychic business it is important to define your skill, what type of services you offer and what expectations should your client have after the reading.
  • Work professionally and be ethical. Pay attention to your clients, don’t tell client’s what you think they want to hear, stick to what you actually receive.
  • Do not make fraudulent claims, promises and practices. Strive for quality readings.
  • Treat everyone equally no matter the race, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation or preferences.
  • You have to hone your craft and have an endless learning process.
  • Hear out and honor the client’s point of view.
  • Charge a reasonable fee.
  • Keep readings confidential and discreet.

How to Decide What to Charge?

This will always be one of the hard questions to answer when starting a service oriented business. When you are starting your own professional psychic practice you have to consider the area where you will be doing your readings and see what other people charge. The fees vary in every location significantly so it is important to do research first.

You have to take into consideration the average income of the nearby populace so you will not end up charging too much. There are also several methods used to generate revenues like asking for donations, charging per minute, per session or some psychics even get success in getting their customers to subscribe for their services. You should not worry much in charging little on the onset of your business because once you are able to build a good client base and acquire good testimonials / reviews / feedback, you can eventually raise your fee gradually.

Build trust and credibility

In this type of business it is a matter of building a clientele and being responsible in your work ethics. If you book a reading ( a phone reading for example) and you aren’t there at the appointed time, your business will suffer. Trust and credibility is very important to build a good client base. Bear in mind that it takes time to build a platform of customers to come to you. So take your time and enjoy the your journey to success.

The Affect of Responsive Design on SEO

The Affect of Responsive Design on SEO

Mobile web design has been important for years now as traffic moves from a desk top to a mobile phone.  That trend is bound to continue and it has made a challenge for web development teams to keep all of the functionality on a smaller screen.  That is where responsive design shines and now if your site isn’t responsive you will get punished in the search rankings.  So let’s look at the effect of responsive design on SEO.

What is Responsive Design?

The first step is defining responsive design.  All it is is making sure that you website works and looks good across multiple screen sizes and resolutions.  Your website needs to look just as good on a mobile phone as it does on a desk top and there can be no pinching or sideways scrolling.  All of the buttons need to work and to fit your fingers.

Do I Really Need a Responsive Site?

Yes, you do.  Responsive design isn’t a trend it’s a must.  Not only will your customers and visitors demand it but Google does as well.  It is necessary for user experience and accessibility, it is also crucial to SEO.  Here’s how.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of the many factors that affect your SEO.  Bounce rate is how much time that a visitor spends on your site. Once someone lands on your website, things like functionality, well laid out information and good design all affects how long they stay.  When someone with a mobile device lands on your site and they constantly have to swipe and pinch in order to use the site they don’t bother, they just leave.  That increases your bounce rate and a higher bounce rate affects your rankings.  Here is a closer look at bounce rate and how you can improve it.

Load Time and Page Speed

How fast your website loads on a mobile device has become a very big deal in recent years.  While mobile internet speeds have gotten faster, you also need to make sure that your site loads within 5 seconds.  Responsive design help speed up load time on phones and tablets.  Google has even taken that a step further with the AMP project.

User Experience

Modern web design is all about the user experience.  When a user lands on your site on a mobile device and they have to scroll left and right along with up and down, it ruins the experience.  The pictures don’t fit, the text is too hard to read and they leave.  Mobile browsing isn’t new and it isn’t going away the onus is on you to make sure your visitors have a good experience.

What Every Website Needs in 2019

What Every Website Needs in 2019

It’s a new year and it may be time to update your website, there have been a great deal of changes when it comes to web design in the last couple of years.  It may be time to step into the modern world and let your website do the work for you.  But before you call your designer to make changes for you, you should know what every website needs in 2019.  Let’s have a look at where you should begin making changes.

Make a Plan

Everything starts with a plan.  Start by what will meet the needs of your visitors, ask existing customers what they want and what they need to see.  What do they dislike about your site?  Now you can start to plan out your changes.

Get Rid of Everything that is Unnecessary

There have been a lot of trends over the years that no longer deliver value to your visitors.  Here are some examples of things you want to get rid of or to modernize long walls of text, video or audio clips that start playing automatically and low resolution images.  Visitors have pretty short attention spans so you need to deliver a quality site or they are gone.  Break up your content into manageable chunks with images, video, lists and headlines.  Give the visitor the ability to easily scan your site to find the info they want.

Call to Action

Once a visitor lands on your site, what do you want them to do next?  Do you want them to call you, subscribe to your email list or something else altogether?  You have to show your visitor what you want them to do with a call to action.  A CTA can be a “Buy Now” button or a link to something else, just make it clear.

Easy to Use Navigation

This is often overlooked yet it’s one of the most important elements on your site.  Your menu is a map that shows your visitor all the features and pages of your site and what they should check out.  Poor navigation makes it impossible for visitors to take the right action.


A picture is worth a thousand words and pictures go a long way in conveying the right message.  You need to use high resolution quality images that are relevant to your content.  There are a ton of websites where you can get free images or you can bring in a photographer to shoot some great images around your business.  It is worth every penny!

Why every business needs a blog

Why Every Business Needs a Blog

In our last post, we focused on the keto diet and how it might boost your performance. This post focuses on how a blog might help your business generate leads and get its name before millions.

It would be hard to find a business that does not have a website these days. However, not all companies have blogs and are consequently missing out on potential clients.

Jeff Bullas, one of the most authoritative voices in the internet marketing field, wrote about why every business must have a blog.

#1. Drive traffic to the website

To get traffic to the company’s website you need to appear in the search results, right? In order to get that, your website’s pages have to get indexed by Google. But how much content can you include in a website? Besides the homepage, pricing page, contact page, about us page you don’t have too many options. The blog is the only solution to provide to Google pages to get indexed.

 #2. Reduce the amount of required content

The company’s blog help with reducing the quantity of content required to get noticed on the internet and also allows creating targeted content for the social media traffic. Moreover it insures that people are exposed to a unique, committed message about the company’s offering.

 #3. It generates qualified leads

It would be a pity to use the blog only to drive traffic to the website because it allows you to do much more. Once people get to the blog, they can do two things:

  1. Consume one piece of content and leave

  2. Consume one piece of content and request more.

The blog, however, will only bring people to your site through social media or organic search. You need to turn those visitors into customers. One way to achieve this is with a sales funnel. But how does it really work?

Neil Patel, another voice in the internet marketing field that is worth listening to, gave a great explanation.

What Are Funnels?

A funnel is the set of steps a visitor needs to go through before they can reach the conversion.

Think about the Amazon purchase funnel. There are a few steps a visitor has to go through before they can purchase a product. Here’s how it looks:

  • They have to visit Amazon.com
  • They have to view a product
  • They have to add a product to the cart
  • They have to purchase

Why is the set of steps to conversion called a “funnel”? Because at the beginning of the process, there are a lot of people who take the first step. Then, as the people continue along and take the next steps, some of them drop out, and the size of the crowd thins or narrows. (And even further along in the process, your sales team gets involved to help close the deal.)

Your next logical question at this point is how do you create a sales funnel? There are guides online for that, or you could simply use tools designed to make the job a one-click task. One such tool is Clicksfunnel. It is a paid product but you can try a clickfunnels free trial before shelling out any cash.

In the end, the blog is just one part of a complex marketing strategy. If you use it well with other tools, you will have an upper hand over your competition.

What is the keto diet and does it really work

What is the Ketogenic Diet and Does it Really Work?

In our last article, we talked about developing the sleeping habits of high-performers. Diet is also a factor when it comes to performance whether you are an employee sitting in front of a computer all day, or an athlete with laps to run.

If you’ve had your radar scanning the health landscape, you most definitely may have come across the keto diet. It has taken the diet community by storm with a number of celebrities endorsing it. But, what makes the ketogenic diet the it thing? And does it really work?

The Daily Mail did a great job of answering these questions.

Favoured by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow for its rapid results, the Ketogenic Diet has been making headlines non-stop over the past few years.

The low carbohydrate, high fat program sees participants eat moderate protein and receive the majority of their energy intake from fat.

But does it really work?

The Dietitians Association of Australia recently weighed in on the controversial diet and revealed the three things people need to consider before jumping on board the Keto bandwagon.

In a recent media alert, the DAA first explained the thinking behind the program and how it works.

‘As fat is the main source of energy being consumed, the body must then use this (that is, break it down) as its main energy source or “fuel”,’ they explained.

‘When dietary fat is metabolised for energy, by-products called “ketone bodies” (molecules that are made by the liver from fatty acids) are produced which are used up by the body’s tissues, muscles and the brain. This process is known as “ketosis”.

‘The body can enter ketosis during times of severe energy restriction (such as during fasting or starvation) or prolonged intense exercise, or when carbohydrate intake is reduced to around 50g per day, or less – the equivalent of around two slices of bread, and a banana.’

These are the thoughts of medical experts but there are also reliable non-medical celebrities who have something to say.

An article by Women’s Health Magazine talked about Halle Berry’s foray into the ketogenic diet.

The high fat, moderate protein, and very low-carb plan encourages her body to burn healthy fats rather than carbs for energy, she explains on LIVE With Kelly and Ryan. “A ketogenic diet is no sugar, no carbs. Nothing white,” she says. Instead, Halle fills her diet with healthy fats, like avocado, coconut oil, and butter.


In another interview with PeopleTV, Halle explains that eggs, protein, nuts, and legumes are also part of her plate, along with lots of vegetables. And it’s far from deprivation: “You can eat all the food you want,” she says. “You can eat a big-ass porterhouse steak if you want. You just can’t have the baked potato.”

Luckily, her Instagram gives a little peak into some of her favorite meals. And Halle gets a lot of her cooking inspo from Maria Emmerich’s cookbook, Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking, showing off all the recipes she makes on her fitness channel on Instagram Stories.


The thoughts of Joe Rogan on Keto OS are also worth listening to. In a nutshell, the MMA champion turned comedian turned YouTube star endorses the diet.

Whether this is something you should try depends on where you are on the health spectrum and what diet goals you have. There are endless resources on the internet to guide you on your keto journey should you choose to go on one.

How to develop the sleepinghabits of high-performers

How to Develop the Sleeping Habits Of High-Performance Entrepreneurs

Everyone knows that your sleeping habits can affect your performance at work or your business. So have you wondered just how some of the world’s over-achievers sleep? What are their sleeping habits?

In the post, ‘The 11 Sleeping Habits of Highly Successful People’ by Life hack, you can see some quite adoptable patterns.

1.  Don’t eat right before bed

Have your final meal about 3 hours before bedtime. Eating too close to bed will leave your digestive system working very hard and might cause an upset stomach throughout the night.

2.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine is a stimulant and it keeps the body alert and energized. Alcohol may initially calm you or make you feel drowsy, but it actually increases the amount of times you will wake up during the night.

3.  Reserve your bed for sleeping, that’s it.

If you read, watch TV or do work in bed, it will be hard to wind down. You want to associate your bed with sleep, and sleep only (well, maybe intimacy too, but we won’t get into that now).

4.  Shut out the lights

Bright lights actually repress melatonin, which is responsible for regulating our sleep cycles. It is also recommended to avoid reading from back-lit devices late at night. The darker the room, the better. Try using heavy curtains or a sleep mask.

5.  Don’t sleep too much

When it comes to sleep, there is too much of a good thing. Oversleeping can lead to heart disease, diabetes and depression. The average adult will need 8 hours sleep. This can vary from person to person, but use this as a guideline.

But if you are going to sleep great, a good mattress is non-negotiable.  Web-Md has a great piece explaining the things to look out for when choosing a mattress.

Finding the right mattress isn’t about searching out the highest-tech brand or spending the most money. “A much more expensive mattress doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better,” Decker says. A high price tag is a product of both the materials that go into the mattress, and the marketing that helps sell it.

Instead of focusing on price and brand name, think about what you want in a mattress. “Selecting a mattress is very personal,” Decker says. Some people prefer a firmer mattress; others favor a softer style.

Anyone with back or neck pain should take a Goldilocks approach to mattress buying: not too hard, and not too soft.

“If you’re on too soft [of] a mattress, you’ll start to sink down to the bottom. But on too hard of a mattress you have too much pressure on the sacrum, and on the shoulders, and on the back of the head,” says Howard Levy, MD, an Emory University assistant professor of orthopaedics, physical medicine, and rehabilitation.

A medium-firm mattress, or a firm mattress with a softer pillow top, will give your spine that “just-right” balance of support and cushioning.

So which mattress brand should you choose? How much should you spend? Feeling a little lost? It’s understandable. There are just so many brands to consider.

Mattressbattle.com But there is a tool you can use to make quick online comparisons. Its called  and it helps you quickly pick out the best depending on your needs and budget.

If you hope to have a high performance day at work, start right in bed. These sleeping tips will leave you feeling ready to go the moment your alarm clock goes.


Best free PC cleaner software 2018

To keep the performance of your system intact you will need PC cleaner software. This PC cleaning software is built using advanced technologies which will help you clean all the junk files and all the unwanted files that are stored in your PC. It is also one of the best ways to recover disc space and to help you to improve the performance of the computer. Most of the PC cleaner software works independently so that you don’t have to waste your time and effort in cleaning it manually. In this article we have discussed some of the best free PC cleaner software which will increase the performance of your system:

CCleaner Professional:

CCleaner Professional is a popular PC cleaning software all over the world, and it is also used by many people. All you have to do is click one button, and it will automatically start doing its job. You can save your time and efforts of manually cleaning your PC. The software scans your system and removes all junk files in the system. The automatic updates, helps your PC to have a top performance level all the time.

Clean Master for PC:

Clean Master is one of the best free software out there for cleaning your PC for free. You don’t have to worry about your privacy as the software keeps your privacy intact as it cleans the system. The software is able to scan over 1000 programs just with a click of a button. It searches and removes all the junk in the system, and it helps in boosting the performance of the PC.


Auslogics Registry Cleaner:

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a brilliant tool which helps you in fixing all the registry errors, and it also helps you in cleaning your PC. If your system is lagging and crashing all the time, you should use Auslogics registry cleaner software. It also fixes all the instability issues and repairs all the corrupt entries.


CleanMyPC scans your entire PC and checks for any junk, cash and log files. The software is extremely good as it cleans all the traces of uninstalled programs so that the security of your system is intact. You can cut down extensions that are not necessary and also protect your privacy online. You can use this software even to erase your files permanently.

AVG PC TuneUp:

The AVG PC TuneUp has a lot of features, and it is one of the best to increase the performance of your PC. The software cleans all your junk and also cleans your disc space to improve the speed of your system. It works on a technology where the software puts all the programs which are not in use to sleep, and this increases the performance. It also stabilises the battery life and provides necessary updates to speed up the boot process.

click testing

Click Testing

Alongside the knowledge about manual testing, it’s also wise to be acquainted with automation testing, since there are certain companies, which require the wisdom of automation testing in addition to the understanding of manual testing. Requirement testing has a vital role to play in entire software testing procedure. Consequently, performance testing is the procedure to test and determine the operation of a computer software. Compatibility testing is part of non-functional tests carried out on the software component or the whole software to appraise the compatibility of the program with the computing atmosphere. Regression testing is testing the software after changes are made to it, so as to make sure no new bugs are introduced in the computer software. It is crucial to note, that if you elect for manual testing, it’s an accepted fact that the job will be tedious and laborious. Thus, disaster recovery testing should concentrate on details in order to unearth loopholes in the simple recovery program.

Click Testing Features

If you come across issues with websites not working due to your Flash Player, it’s simple to check and troubleshoot. If you aren’t able to repair the issue with the assistance of the troubleshooting steps mentioned above then calling online tech support is going to be among the best approaches to fix such a complicated problem. In situations like this, it’s very tough to get the cause of the issue. The only issue is that it requires a lot of time to process your request. From time to time, however, you might experience technical difficulties with your touchpad, such as unresponsiveness. It is essential for you to ascertain the reason for the error before you take any step. Windows errors are uncertain, and they may occur because of plenty of factors.

The computer monitor is among the principal elements of the computer. The computer is going to be put through an entire memory test based on the option you select. For some individuals, resolving the error is often as simple as turning a computer on but for the large part of the users, it may be something too technical and very hard to comprehend. You can also purchase memory testing software from a neighborhood shop. Frequently a test suite is made for every single part of software under test.

Click Testing Features

Testing phase is a significant phase, as it verifies and validates that the software was developed based on the demands of the user. The procedure for repair usually depends upon the reason for the seizure. After the execution of the test cases start, the outcome of the tests must be recorded. After the application starts, you have the choice of testing the memory straightaway, or later once you start your system again. In the event the Java app is made from the gallery, then you are going to have to supervise your container and JVM changes all on your own. There are several ways to establish a Java web app using App Service.