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Resources for Businesses with Employees that Work from Home

The number of employees that telecommute has been steadily increasing over the last two decades. There was a 115% increase in remote workers over the ten-year period ending in 2015, and over 16% of American workers now spend at least some of their time working at home. More companies are embracing this option because staff who work from their home at least part of the time have higher productivity rates

Telecommuting has also boosted morale among workers. Employers who regularly utilize remote work options can even reduce their overhead because they require less office space, which also enables them to reduce other costs, such as electricity. It has the added bonus of enabling staff to work when bad weather or life circumstances would otherwise interfere with their ability to report to the office. New and refined resources are making it even easier to telecommute as more companies embrace this option.

High-Speed Internet

Access to high-speed Internet has increased substantially in recent years. This has had a significant impact on everything from how people shop to how they work. High-speed Internet enables remote workers to access the programs and resources that they need to be able to work effectively, which is why it is an important resource for working from home.

Cloud Storage

People no longer rely on their hard drives to store their data. Cloud storage options provide remote storage. 

One of the benefits of cloud storage systems for remove work employees is that their work can be secure and it can also be accessed by other staff who need it. There are also free online photo storage providers that can be used to supplement storage and file sharing for those who work with photographic images.

Networking Apps

There are a number of apps that enable employees to communicate and share data without saying a word. A number of companies offer platforms that staff can log on to and use to perform a number of tasks. Workers can post information, upload and download files, and update their schedule on a calendar. They can also create alerts to remind themselves of meetings and deadlines or notify other employees of upcoming events.

Remote Payment Options

In order to issue checks, they need to be signed. This is one reason why people might think that payroll departments have to report to an office, but specialized services enable designated employees to print and mail checks online

These services can be accessed on different devices, which means that staff can issue payroll checks, reimbursements for expenses and pay other bills from their phone, laptop or tablet.


Teleconferencing and video conferencing software enable multiple employees to attend meetings remotely. There are a number of phone and video conferencing options that range from free to low cost. 

Some companies have systems that enable their users to record the video or audio. This is an ideal feature for journalists and researchers. It also allows employers to retain a record of the meeting that can be transcribed and retained for reference.

Remote Work Podcasts

There are several podcasts that focus on remote workers. The focus of each podcast may vary. Some emphasize interviews with remote workers. Other podcasts prioritize tips and strategies for working from home effectively. 

Gaining insight from telecommuters from around the globe can be inspiring and help both employees and employers find strategies to make remote work as effective for their business as possible. 

Skills Development Opportunities

You may not be sitting across from other co-workers every day but you can still network and learn from other employees. There are several sites that offer free or low-cost tutorials on different skills and tasks. You can explore Internet scoping, sharpen your proofreading skills, or learn about photography and design. 


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