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New to Being a Manager? This Checklist Will Help

So you’ve become a manager. It’s time to hustle and get in the right mindset to become the best boss you can be. Becoming a manager can have its challenges, but if you feel like you need some more guidance, you can find mentorship and read articles like this one to improve your skills. Here is a checklist to help you become a better manager.

Prepare yourself with the right education.


Becoming a good manager requires the right kind of education. You can take a PMP class in Houston, TX to transform yourself into an empowered leader. With an online People Manager Professional (PMP) exam prep course from Project Vanguards, you can achieve the professional progress you desire.

Stay on top of your scheduled events.

To excel as a new manager, it’s important you keep up with your schedule or things on your agenda such as meetings, conferences, tasks, and marketing calendar. The best way to get recognition for caring about your job is to always be on time.

Network with fellow managers and team members.


Build up your employee relations by getting to know them. Mingle around the good performers in your position so you can learn about their work style and apply what you can in yours. Employee engagement will help you get to where you are.

Be mindful of your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

No one’s perfect, however, you should try to be the best you can be. Your coworkers can sometimes tell you what your strengths or weaknesses are through anonymous feedback or surveys. This can serve as an evaluation of your character as well as your work performance.

Understand your company’s structure.


Learn your company’s privacy policy as well as human resource policies so you’re not getting in trouble for silly things. You can also touch upon managerial best practices as well as any management guidelines in your company so you’re being fair with your staff members.

Don’t be afraid to face problems head-on.

Your employees may face difficulties in their work due to a deadline, mental disability, lack of training, and other people problems. It’s up to you to identify these issues and fearlessly tackle them with good judgment and guidance. Based on your findings, establish a plan to help your employees overcome these challenges and address them with the steps.

Become a credible source.


In order to become a great manager, you want to know your stuff, meaning, you want to be able to have all the answers to your employees’ questions. You’re obviously not going to have them, but it’s always great to let your employee know you’ll at least help them find the answer. Supervisors are meant to be guides for their workers and if their guide is ost, then the whole team will be lost.

Establish your goals.

As a new hire, you’ll want to develop goals for your new position. This can be anything from learning new skills yourself or teaching them to your team, listen better, delegate the work at hand, manage your energies, or simply pick up more managerial books to stay in the educational loop.

Don’t leave room for assumptions when it comes to expectations.


Lastly, make sure you are a person of your word so people will grow confident in what you say. Having this undoubtable reputation will make you a source of rich information and more people will be willing to help you when times get rough. People like interacting with genuine professionals, so if this is you, you’re already one step ahead of the rest in your journey to become the best manager you can be.


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