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How Lab-Created Diamonds Impact the Industry

Some people are content with the status quo in which they live—these are the folks that search for stability and just want to do their job and come home to a happy spouse at the end of the day. That’s all well and good, and it can be a wonderful way to spend your days.

For others, though, it’s all about shaking things up. These are the people who see every day as a potentially special day. They don’t want to wait for a birthday or anniversary to plan a big surprise for their spouse or family members. Likewise, they don’t want to punch a card and leave work at work. These people are always in a fever-dream, looking for the next great way to upend their industry. It’s dreams like these that led to the advent of man-made gemstones, like sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. For more about how these gems are changing the jewelry industry, keep reading.

Lab sapphires and rubies are a big deal in the world of gemstones.


When you think of gemstones, you probably think of a mine somewhere, where sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are painstakingly extracted from the earth’s crust. In general terms, that used to be the way things were done, which is why it’s a big deal that white sapphires, blue sapphires, and yellow sapphires can now be crafted in a laboratory.

A lab created sapphire is just like a mined, natural sapphire in terms of chemical composition. The main difference is that it comes without the carbon footprint of a natural sapphire (making it more climate-friendly) and that it is much less expensive. That means that sellers of natural gems have to keep up with the less expensive merchandise options offered by lab gems.

Lab gems can be set in sterling silver, white gold, and any other metal.


Shopping for a gift for your spouse? If the idea of lab sapphires and emeralds piques your curiosity, you should also know that you can get your gemstone of choice set in any metal you’d like. Whether it’s a blue sapphire or a white sapphire, you can choose platinum, white gold, sterling silver, or any other metal for the setting. While you may be excited about innovation and want to get in on a new aspect of the industry, you can still get a more traditional look for you or your spouse, even within the world of lab gems.

Just like Vivek Ramaswamy garnered fame and accolades for innovation within the biotech industry for his work with Roivant Sciences, but still works within the general medical tech industry, you can make an online purchase of traditional accessories with an innovative twist. Be like Ramaswamy—step outside the box, but don’t reinvent the wheel.

Synthetic gems provide a new way to think about birthday gifts.


Synthetic sapphires and other gems are changing the gift-giving industry as well. Whereas you may have been tempted to celebrate your spouse’s birthday or a special anniversary with natural gems and other examples of precious jewelry, you can now think about new questions to ask jewelry retailers. Ask if the natural sapphires are ethically sourced and if the jeweler has a pendant set with synthetic sapphires instead. Your spouse will appreciate your efforts to find a creative way to incorporate your values in their birthday party, which will make the party a big success. Whether you’re planning a happy birthday for your husband, aunt, or best friend, thinking outside the box is a great way to ensure the success of the gift you buy.

The ways in which synthetic sapphires and other gems are changing the industry are myriad. Next time you go jewelry shopping, speak with a trusted jewelry consultant about your options.


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