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You're designing a website or an app and want real user data to highlight problems before you go live and to help you pick the best iteration.


Test your interface designs with Usaura and get real user test data in minutes that will help you make smarter design decisions.

Test at any stage

Usaura uses screenshots or scans of your design, which means you can test your work at any stage in the development pipeline, whether it's a sketch, a prototype or a live product. The screenshot approach also eliminates browser discrepancies ensuring everyone sees the same thing.

Run a variety of tests

Tests include: asking participants to click somewhere, which gives you a heat map of their clicks, click accuracy (if you set up a click zone), and the time it took for people to click. Preference tests, asking people to pick between items. There are also text feedback tests and a multiple-choice question tests.

Simple pricing

Publish and preview up to 5 results per test for free.
Pay as you go by buying single test chains for $9 to collect and view unlimited results.
Planning to run more tests? The monthly plan will let you create all the tests you need.
For every dollar a company invests to increase usability, it receives $10-$100 in benefits
John Karat IBM Research
Testing one user early in the project is better than testing 50 near the end.
Steve Krug Author of Don't Make Me Think
The difference between zero and even a little bit of data is astounding.
Jakob Nielsen "eminent Web usability guru" (CNN)

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Test my design now
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No contracts, 5 free results per test.