The Benefits of Buying Used Equipment From Genemco

The Benefits of Buying Used Equipment From Genemco

As businesses strive to stay competitive, smart investments in equipment can be pivotal. The market for used industrial machinery offers an array of options that could fit the bill without compromising efficiency or productivity. Whether it’s to accommodate budget constraints or to fulfill a specialized need, pre-owned equipment has become a viable choice for companies of all sizes. Genemco, a seasoned player in this arena, has the world’s largest inventory of pre-owned industrial refrigeration and food processing equipment at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Below, we’ll delve into the benefits and considerations of sourcing used equipment from Genemco, ensuring your investment is sound and beneficial to your organizational goals.



The industrial landscape is rapidly changing, and with it, the approach to equipment procurement. The market for used machinery has grown significantly, with modern businesses recognizing the value of cost-effective solutions. Pre-owned equipment from reputable sources can be just as reliable as new machinery, often coming from facilities that have either upgraded or closed down. This equipment has usually been maintained well to preserve its value and functionality.

No matter if you’re looking for rotary screw compressors, evaporative condensers, chillers, or any other refrigeration and food processing machinery, opting for used industrial equipment can provide a strategic advantage. Not only does it allow for lower capital investment, but it also offers the flexibility to allocate business budget funds to other operational areas. With the reduced upfront costs, businesses can invest in additional resources or diversify their equipment portfolio. Plus, the depreciation curve is much gentler, leading to better asset valuation over time.

Quality and Reliability

Quality assurance is often the main concern when considering used machinery, but Genemco’s stringent selection criteria work to allay such fears. Their catalog boasts equipment that has been vetted for performance and maintained to high standards.

The reliability of equipment is critical to maintaining productivity and minimizing downtime. Genemco recognizes this and provides machines that have a proven track record of performance. They believe that second-hand does not have to mean second-rate, ensuring all their offerings are ready to meet the demands of industrial usage.

Established in 1989, Genemco has 5,000+ satisfied customers and boasts a history of selling quality, reliable equipment. All 175,000+ square feet of warehouse space with 30 acres of inventory are in stock and owned outright, meaning they cut out lead times and the middleman to deliver your equipment faster and at a lower cost than the competition. Their team of experts will get you into the right equipment to fit your production needs and maximize your budget.

Environmental Benefits


Sustainability is not just a buzzword but a necessary consideration in modern business operations. Purchasing used machinery inherently contributes to a circular economy, where reuse and optimization of resources are key. By opting for pre-owned equipment, businesses reduce the demand for new production, conserving materials and energy that would be consumed in manufacturing.

The environmental impact of such choices extends to the reduction of waste. Instead of decommissioned machinery ending up in landfills, it finds new life in another operational context. This not only extends the equipment’s useful lifespan but also helps comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

It’s a form of corporate responsibility that resonates with consumers and investors alike. Companies making environmentally conscious decisions often find an enhanced reputation within their industry and among their clientele. Sustainability has become linked with innovation and forward-thinking, attributes valued in the contemporary marketplace.

When you buy used, you’re not just making a smart business choice; you’re reducing your carbon footprint and contributing positively to the planet’s health. It’s a narrative that can be part of a company’s sustainability report, showcasing a commitment to ecological stewardship while still focusing on commercial growth.

Altogether, investing in pre-owned equipment from Genemco offers substantial financial, operational, and environmental benefits. This strategic choice can effectively align with a company’s growth, sustainability goals, and budgetary constraints, making it an attractive proposition in today’s competitive business landscape.


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