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The vaping industry is continuously evolving with new products, devices, and vaping styles coming to the market each year. Vaping has become a popular way for traditional nicotine users to ween down and quit smoking due to the controlled amount of nicotine. In 2018, the vaping market was valued at $11.5 billion and is projected to reach $31.7 billion by 2025. There are few federal regulations when it comes to marketing vape products, meaning vape companies can market on traditional platforms, such as TV and radio, as well as the internet, social media, retail stores, and recreational venues and events. Here are some of the most common advertising trends.

Smaller Vaping Devices


Vape devices have evolved from conspicuous, bulky devices, to sleek, small devices. The technology behind these devices is also changing for the better, which gives rise to smaller devices that are easy to conceal and use discreetly. Sleek, USB-like designs, competitive pricing, and new services and experiences for vape users are contributing to the growing popularity of vaping.

Introducing Appealing Flavors


Flavored nicotine cigarettes, except menthol, are banned in the United States to curb the appeal to young people. Other tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes, are allowed to produce flavored products, creating a loophole for e-cigarette companies. Vape cartridges come in a variety of appealing flavors, such as cotton candy, gummy bears, Nilla Wafers, and other common food flavors. The problem with tasty flavors is their appeal to underage smokers who become curious and tempted to try them. When vaping devices first entered the market, they weren’t regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) until 2016. As such, the rules and regulations for selling such products vary by state and county.

There’s a high market demand for vape cartridges, vape pens, vape pods, traditional vape juice, CBD oils, and oil distillate concentrate. The best way for vape brands to keep up with demand is the automation of filling vape cartridges. CoolJarz produces a vape cartridge filling machine that provides accurate shot size with minimal waste for cartridges, disposable pens, and syringes. Their cartridge fillers can handle all oil viscosities and are ideal and maintain consistent heating for a consistent batch. Customers can also purchase a replacement foot pedal, new needles, seals, and heat fluid for their automatic fill machine. The smart way to keep up with market demand for specialty cartridges is to use an automatic cartridge filling machine.

Continued Popularity of Nicotine Salts


Vape cartridges are undergoing serious modifications. Nicotine salts emerged in 2020, and contrary to the name, they’re not salty. Nicotine salts use pure nicotine as the base and contain different acids to lower the pH level of the nicotine solution. This results in a smoother hit with higher nicotine levels that’s less harsh on the throat. The resulting nicotine buzz is similar to what you experience with a traditional tobacco cigarette. Smoking less to receive the same nicotine buzz is beneficial for smokers who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

Creating Buzz on Social Media


Social media is the perfect place to market and promote vape products. The e-cigarette brand, JUUL, launched a digital marketing campaign when it debuted in 2015 on popular platforms Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The brand used these platforms to promote ads showing that vaping is enjoyable, socially acceptable, fun, relaxing, and sexy. The campaign worked, as the JUUL brand saw a direct correlation between retail sales and social platform engagement.

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As the technology and materials used to create vaping devices continue to improve, so do the popularity and trends surrounding vaping products.


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