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The Best Adaptive Clothing for People With Health Conditions

Whether you or a loved one is suffering from a physical or mental condition that prevents you from wearing everyday clothes as you used to, don’t despair, there are clothes made just for people like you. If you’re taking natural diuretics as part of your treatment, you will understand the struggles of dressing yourself up after your body retains too much water after surgery or from suffering from medical conditions like edema, for example. For such conditions, companies have taken into their hands the production of adaptive clothing.

Adaptive clothing can help you get properly dressed for any occasion, from bedtime to a night out in town. These types of clothes will also make it easier for a caretaker to help you get dressed in case you cannot do so yourself. Depending on your conditions, the style of your adaptive clothes will vary.

Here are the best adaptive clothes for people with health conditions.

Comfortable Undergarments


When it comes to wearing comfortable and suitable underwear, you may look into shapewear undergarments for women. These pieces can help you regain your confidence in your body by transforming it into your ideal shape. They can be worn under dresses and can be convertible so you can adjust them to your needs.

Shirts With Magnetic Buttons

Moreover, some people may have trouble putting on their shirts due to conditions like Parkinson’s disease. They too can take advantage of shirts and tops that, instead of using regular buttons to close them, use magnetic ones so they can easily snap together by simply holding them near each other.

High-rise Jeans for Wheelchair Users

There is also specially designed apparel for people who need to use wheelchairs on a regular basis. For example, some adaptive high-rise jeans use elastic bands to keep pants in the user’s place as they sit throughout the day in their wheelchair.

Shoes With Zippers or Velcro

There are also shoes that work with zippers and velcros in place of regular laces. These are perfect for those who cannot properly tie their shoelaces for instance people with Parkinson’s disease or those who have deformities in their hands, preventing them from holding small things like laces in their hands.

Convenient Belts

Belts have also been re-designed for people that cannot put regular ones on perhaps because they have physical conditions such as amputations. These belts can easily be worn and removed by the disabled person as well as their caretaker.

Compression Stockings

Compression socks are essential for people who suffer from poor blood flow as well as varicose veins or swollen veins. These special types of stockings are designed to apply pressure to the legs to prevent the discomfort that results from their conditions and helps promote healthy blood flow.

Cooling Vests

Cooling vests are not only used by athletes like swimmers to stabilize their body temperature. They’re also sported by people who suffer from multiple sclerosis, dysplasia, and injuries. Cooling vests help disabled people reduce the pain that comes from destroyed nerve fibers throughout their bodies y keeping their temperature down.

Snapback Shirts and Dresses


Snapback shirts and dresses are simply clothes that have buttons on the back of the piece rather than in the front. These are perfect for people who live with caretakers or have injuries in their backs that require their clothes to be open on that side.

Zippered Pants

Some senior and disabled people can have difficulties putting on their pants or pulling them down to go to the bathroom. Zippered pants help these people achieve this without much struggle by easily zipping down their pants on one leg and letting them drop.

These adaptive clothing pieces will help disabled people live a fuller life.


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