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How to Start a Psychic Business?

My interest in tarot reading started when I saw a tarot kit at a bookstore way back when I was in middle school. Since I have don’t have enough money to purchase a kit I started just to do research and learn further through the internet. I was really interested and I use a lot of my free time to dig deeper and there came a time where I really wanted to talk to a real Psychic and tried to find one online which turned out to be a bogus, then after that I still tried to find a real one and years after, a friend of mine told me about a Toronto Psychic where I had my first real Psychic reading.

Now that I am older and already working, I still spend a lot of time studying tarot reading, I also do free readings with my friends and some family members. I wanted to enhance my skills further, hoping one day I could make a career out of it. Who wouldn’t want to earn while doing what you truly love?

Getting Started: Psychic Business

I was already thrilled due to the fact that I spoke with a real Psychic (from Toronto Psychic) that my friend recommended and I was even more pleased with the conversation that I had. Of course I wanted to know if I have what it takes to be one, and the answer that I had was affirmative. It was an eye opening moment for me hence it made my decision firmer to start a Psychic Business someday.

Below are some pointers to get you started:

  1. Draft a Business Plan. Take time to write a complete business plan so you can determine an assessment of how much money you will need as an investment and the projection of generated income etc. You will have to put your finances in order, and your overall strategy. At this point it is important to define what type of services will you offer, where to do your readings, if you will put up an office or if you will use your home instead, and what to charge.
  2. Get a certification. There are courses available to get a decent certification which adds credibility. Get a certification, invest in your skills.
  3. Learn your legal requirements. Legal requirements varies on every location. It is important to obtain proper business licenses, permits and other requirements. Take all the legal considerations so you can operate legally.
  4. Have a professional website. It is important to define your brand whether  you will create a DIY website or if you will ask a professional help. It is essential to establish a web presence.
  5. Market your services. Today there are tons ways on how to market your business, you can use social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs etc. Have a business card and be creative in marketing your services.

What other key points to consider?

  • In starting a Psychic business it is important to define your skill, what type of services you offer and what expectations should your client have after the reading.
  • Work professionally and be ethical. Pay attention to your clients, don’t tell client’s what you think they want to hear, stick to what you actually receive.
  • Do not make fraudulent claims, promises and practices. Strive for quality readings.
  • Treat everyone equally no matter the race, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation or preferences.
  • You have to hone your craft and have an endless learning process.
  • Hear out and honor the client’s point of view.
  • Charge a reasonable fee.
  • Keep readings confidential and discreet.

How to Decide What to Charge?

This will always be one of the hard questions to answer when starting a service oriented business. When you are starting your own professional psychic practice you have to consider the area where you will be doing your readings and see what other people charge. The fees vary in every location significantly so it is important to do research first.

You have to take into consideration the average income of the nearby populace so you will not end up charging too much. There are also several methods used to generate revenues like asking for donations, charging per minute, per session or some psychics even get success in getting their customers to subscribe for their services. You should not worry much in charging little on the onset of your business because once you are able to build a good client base and acquire good testimonials / reviews / feedback, you can eventually raise your fee gradually.

Build trust and credibility

In this type of business it is a matter of building a clientele and being responsible in your work ethics. If you book a reading ( a phone reading for example) and you aren’t there at the appointed time, your business will suffer. Trust and credibility is very important to build a good client base. Bear in mind that it takes time to build a platform of customers to come to you. So take your time and enjoy the your journey to success.