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How to Deal With an Ex Who Keeps Calling You From Random Numbers

Living in fear of receiving a call or text from an unfamiliar number is becoming an increasingly common experience. Today, fake phone number apps make it easy for stalkers to contact their victims. After you block your ex’s number and social media accounts, your ex can still attempt to contact you using fake phone numbers. If phone calls from unfamiliar numbers are disrupting your daily life, here’s how to deal with your ex and protect yourself.

Avoid Unknown Phone Numbers

Stalkers often harass victims with endless messages, emails, and phone calls. Start by blocking your ex’s main phone number, email address, and social media profiles. After you cut off communication with your ex, they might try to contact you using fake phone numbers, messaging apps, and fake social media profiles.

If you start receiving calls from unknown numbers, Google who called me or use GoLookUp to perform a reverse phone lookup. Reverse phone lookup services reveal the name, address, and social media profiles connected to a phone number. Reverse phone lookup service can help you outsmart your ex and avoid getting tricked into answering their calls

Protect Your Personal Information

If your ex is obsessed with seeking revenge for a breakup, changing your passwords is imperative. If you’ve ever logged into an account on your ex’s phone or computer, changing your password can help you avoid getting hacked. 

Next, change your iCloud login to prevent your ex from accessing your notes, photos, and contacts. If your ex logs into your iCloud account, they can charge your account, harass your friends and family, and delete your data. Additionally, if you use the “Find my iPhone” app, change your password immediately. If your ex knows your login information, they can use the app to pinpoint your exact location.

If you’ve never shared login information with your ex, they still may be able to access your accounts. Personal information, including your mother’s maiden name, your birthday, and your pet’s names, can be used to answer security questions and password hints. 

Taking steps to avoid harassment and impersonation is also essential during this time. Make sure to change passwords regularly and create unpredictable passwords to protect your personal information.

Change Your Privacy Settings

Social media connects you to a network of strangers and makes it easy for your ex to access your personal information. If you have mutual friends with your ex on Facebook, they might be able to view your profile. However, this doesn’t mean you have to quit social media completely—instead, making your information private can help you protect yourself

If you haven’t already, block your ex’s profiles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you suspect that your ex will use their friend’s or family’s profiles to stalk you, block their accounts. Next, run your name through an online background check to find out which social media profiles are connected to your name. Delete or deactivate the profiles you no longer use and make the remaining profiles private. Finally, be sure to deactivate search settings so your ex won’t be able to search for your profile.

Exes use fake phone numbers, messaging apps, and fake social media profiles to disrupt the lives of their victims by instilling fear and paranoia. But dealing with a cyberstalking ex doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your mental health. The professionals at With Therapy can help you learn how to cope with trauma from your past relationship, as well as the depression and anxiety that may result from dealing with an ex. To get started, visit withtherapy.com to get paired with a personalized shortlist of therapists and jumpstart the healing process.


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