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How MBA Admissions Consultants Aid Prospective Grad Students

If you have a bachelor’s degree, have always wondered about graduate school, and have dreams of earning your MBA, an MBA admissions counselor might be the perfect person to talk to to help you get into a top business school of your choice. The global pandemic has triggered new trends in the way we do business and learn across all industries. For this reason, graduate programs are seeing more applicants than ever before, making schools more competitive. If you’re interested in learning more about how an admission consultant could make the application process easier for you and put you ahead of other applicants, read on.

Shining Up Resumes and Mission Statements


The best MBA admissions consultants will tell you that a great MBA application begins with a well-done resume. If you’re hoping to get into an MBA program at your dream school, like Harvard Business School, Wharton, or Stanford, a great place to start is to set up a free consultation with an MBA admissions consultant to find out how they can help you bring your resume up to par. In fact, Gatehouse Admissions was founded on a simple truth: getting accepted to Harvard, Stanford, and other top-tier business schools becomes more challenging each year. Candidates need a new level of expertise and commitment from their admissions consultant. Places like Gateway and other admission expert firms can help you to achieve your goals faster.

An MBA admissions consultant has years of experience with not only what top business schools are looking for, but how to highlight strengths on a resume. They can help you to make your resume and personal mission statement stand out among the other applicants,’ and they know what specific top programs are looking for in a resume or mission statement.

Working through the Application Process


One great thing about having a consultant on your side during the application process is that they can help you to learn how to handle any weaknesses in your application. Whether it’s low GMAT scores or a weak essay, they can tell you the best way to address these flaws before you meet with the admission committees for an applicant interview.

Maybe you’ve had great success working at a place like Incito’s True North and have helped guide businesses toward profitable solutions for years. Perhaps you’ve even taken the time to Google search for ‘True North lean‘ from a client’s perspective. There, you’ll find that Incito offers data-driven results with an oriented set of techniques for improving every process within every industry. From the inside, you already know all about the importance of that data, but as a potential customer, you might not. The ability to clearly communicate the value of experience and data-driven information is important no matter what your perspective. If you’re someone with the instinct to understand the importance of experience, a consultant could be right for you. That is, as someone who’s already a business leader, you understand the networking and wisdom that could come from years of working in an MBA advisor’s role.

Practicing for Admissions Interviews


An advisor or counselor can help with tricky interview questions and assisting you in preparing for the unexpected when it comes to your MBA candidate interview. A graduate school interview is not the same as a traditional job interview where questions are centered around work experiences and skills. In graduate school applicant interviews, they’ll be testing to see how quickly you can think on your feet, too. An admission counselor will help you plan for the unexpected like being asked for tips for estimating how much your truck accident case might be worth on the fly. While they can’t answer those tricky questions for you, they can certainly help take away some of the emotional distress that could come from going into an applicant interview unprepared.

At the end of the day, an MBA admission counselor can help you get into a top-tier MBA program like the one at Columbia Business School, Kellogg, or another online program. If you’re serious about crafting the best application for a top business school, that interview prep, feedback on your mission statement, and the networking connections an MBA consultant can provide, it just might be worth giving it a try. They will help you every step of the way as you take this new important step in your career.

Whether your ultimate goal is to run a small business, or you hope to earn your MBA to keep on top of this year’s trends in business, good luck in your future career!


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