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How a Storage Unit Can Help With Renovations

Renting a self-storage unit during extensive home renovations can be one of the most convenient ways to ensure your belongings are safe from damage. If you’re still unsure about the added expense of renting a storage unit, consider these six advantages of renting a storage facility when undergoing a home renovation.

1. New Pool Construction


If you’re in the process of renovating your backyard pool, you need to consider where you’re going to store all your pool equipment. Your pool pump, filter, chlorine generator, and other equipment may take up a ton of space in your garage, resulting in more clutter. Self-storage can come in handy at a time like this and provide you with extra storage space to store this equipment when it’s not in use.

If you’re looking for pool builders in Lakeland FL, the team at Olympus Pools has you covered. With years of experience in installing backyard pools, waterfalls, spas, and other water features, you can trust them to help you bring your pool design to life. Olympus Pools are one of the highest referred pool companies in the central Florida area, and this is due to their individualized customer service and fast build times.

2. Safe Storage for Valuables


During your home renovation, your house will be filled with contractors and other outsiders that you have likely never met before. Depending on the amount of working your house needs, they could be around your home for a long time. For most people, this could make them feel uneasy, and thinking of ways to safely store your valuables is a good way to avoid any losses.

The best storage facilities will have a 24/7 digital surveillance system that records all activity within the property. These storage units also have password-protected systems that limit who can access the storage facility. As an added safety measure, all areas within these storage units are also well lit and allow 24-hour access. When you move your items to a storage unit, your items will be safe, as only you will have access to them.

3. Speeds up Work


Before your renovations begin, make sure you’ve moved your belongings out of the way. If you don’t have extra storage space within your home, this may result in cluttered rooms and hallways. What’s more, some of your belongings could also be damaged from all the over-stuffing. Finding a storage solution for your displaced items will free up some space for your contractors and allow them to work faster and more efficiently.

4. New Ideas


All the clutter that accumulates during a renovation can make it difficult for you to visualize what you want your new space to look like. However, by having all your belongings stored away in a secure facility, you can now clearly think, plan, and better organize your space without any distractions. Having all your stuff out of the way can also help you declutter and establish what items you need year-round and what you only need occasionally.

5. Dirt Protection


Renovations are messy and involve a ton of dirt. Because of this, your belongings could face serious damage if not kept out of the work zone. The dust from power tools and paint splatters are just some of the mess that can get on your furniture. Even if you’re able to clear the room, dust can still spread through a room and settle on your furniture. This can cause major damage to your valuable items, such as electronics or that pair of extra wide calf boots, which won’t survive being coated in layers of paint or dust. If you decide to rent a self-self-storage unit during your renovation, you can be sure your valuables will be out of the way of any potential damages.

6. Easy to Use


If you’ve never used a storage solution before, you probably have a list of questions and concerns concerning the whole process. For starters, renting a storage facility is as simple as moving some of your belongings to a separate part of your home for safe-keeping. The added advantage of this is that the security in a storage unit will ensure that your belongings are not destroyed or stolen.

Storage facilities come in a variety of unit sizes, so if you’re worried that the storage options in a storage facility may be a bit too big or small for your specific storage needs, you can trust that the perfect storage unit will have a variety of unit sizes to match your needs.

When you’re planning your next renovation project, make sure to include storage solutions as part of the budget. Also, budget for the cost of hiring a moving company. Renting a storage unit before your home renovations begin will give you peace of mind.


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