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Call Center Software & Call Center Management: Salesforce Integration

Excellent customer service is vital for a business to succeed, as it increases customer satisfaction and the likelihood of customer retention. Satisfied customers spend 140 percent more on goods and services compared to people who had poor customer experiences. Businesses that operate based on subscriptions can benefit from providing people with excellent customer experiences. There’s a 74 percent chance of customers who have positive experiences being subscribing members for at least a year. By comparison, there’s a 43 percent chance that unsatisfied customers will be subscribing members after a year (The Harvard Business Review, 2014).

Customers should be able to rely on businesses’ customer service departments for assistance and information. If a customer initiates communication with a customer service representative when purchasing something, that interaction can influence their decision to proceed with the purchase. Businesses can use technology to improve the way their customer service departments interact with customers and clients. Bright Pattern offers the most innovative and powerful technology.

The unique omnichannel communication platform offered by Bright Pattern enables customer service agents and customers to connect via different communication modes, such as phone calls, live chats, emails, and SMS. This platform allows transfers of conversations across different communication methods without interruption. Customers can stay connected to one agent the entire time, rather than having their calls transferred to agents in various departments. Such efficient technology allows many people to communicate simultaneously.

In addition to having efficient, consistent operations for handling customer-initiated inbound calls, companies should have an effective outbound call center that makes calls to customers. Outbound call center agents connect with retained and prospective customers on the company’s behalf. Agents inform potential buyers and consumers about the products and services the company offers. These agents perform telemarketing and sales pitches, conduct market research and surveys, and schedule sales appointments, among other things. Call center operations are essential to success, as agents discover people’s wants, needs, and preferences in the things they buy and the companies that supply them. Additional responsibilities include making offers to clients and knowing when to close deals.

Bright Pattern’s outbound call center solution makes it easy to manage, automate, and optimize call center campaigns and operations. The web-based interfaces of this platform allow the virtual supervision of agents sourced and located in various places. Features of the outbound call center software include predictive, automatic (IVR), and progressive dialers, quality monitoring, answering machine detection, screen and call recording, web callback, and remote agents.

Using this platform makes it easy for outbound call centers to implement time-saving methods like automating routine tasks. Additionally, the system has an advanced algorithm that enables companies to dial predictive calls. This capability optimizes collections campaigns, for example, or any campaign with low-probability answer lists. Such features keep agents productive and expenses low and save time.

This software uses artificial intelligence (AI), allowing virtual assistants and bots to give customers instant 24/7 service and provide self-service options. This technology supplements the work done by human employees, maximizing the number of calls a business can make to customers.

Businesses that use this software are capable of recording and monitoring outbound calls. Using call center analytics allows call center representatives to observe and evaluate interactions with the customers and keep up with call center trends and outcomes.

Bright Pattern’s outbound call center solution is capable of integrating with customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Seamless CRM integration enables the call center to utilize contacts and data from CRM platforms such as Salesforce, for example. The omnichannel call center can deliver relevant data from Salesforce to provide personalized customer experiences.

When businesses implement such powerful technology in operations, it’s vital for employees to know how to use it. Training employees to use specific technology and software improves their effectiveness and productivity and ensures that everyone does their job in ways that profit.

For useful training classes, business owners should seek the services of Accelebrate. Accelebrate offers customized technology training classes and has locations all over the country. Salesforce training in Washington, DC, provided by Accelebrate, for example, can behoove outbound call center agents that work with advanced technology. Training can take place at business sites or online. Customized training tailored to the operations of a business can ensure that employees learn information and skills relevant to their jobs. Efficient technology and skilled employees that understand how to utilize such technology can enhance how businesses operate and connect with customers.


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