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5 Tips for Recruiting Commercial Drivers

Driver shortage is one of the most concerning issues currently plaguing the otherwise vibrant trucking industry. As such, there’s a constant need to recruit great drivers who you can train and retain to extract long-term value.

Therefore, many companies are putting more effort into their driver recruitment practices. Effective driver recruitment lays a solid foundation for higher retention rates and lower turnovers, so it’s undoubtedly necessary. Below are five driver recruitment tips to help you find the best drivers for your company.

1. Use the latest digital recruitment platforms.


Nowadays, it’s crucial to use the smartest and latest platforms and strategies to recruit the talent your business is looking for, irrespective of your industry. Social media is one potent tool that you can rely on to reach out to drivers, as many of them are on these platforms. They use these to research companies, evaluate employers, read comments, among others. You can also use dedicated recruitment platforms with comprehensive databases to help you find the exact type of driver you seek. Reliable driver recruitment platforms such as FatJ can help with this need.

FatJ is a digital marketing service that makes it easier for trucking companies to hire the best drivers for their operations. Recruiters can post job openings on their platform hire.fatj.com to find and hire quality drivers in this high-demand industry. This way, you can attract many skilled drivers to join and remain with your team. FatJ currently operates as a recruitment advertising platform for the logistics and transportation industry. What’s more, they’ve trained and empowered over a thousand recruitment teams in companies nationwide with the right expertise and tools that help them streamline their recruitment process.

2. Choose drivers with similar values.

Truck driving transcends mere driving, as it constitutes belonging to a culture that thrives on acceptance, trust, and mutual respect. Therefore, you should recruit drivers with similar values who are likelier to fit nicely into your business environment and culture. For example, if your business relies heavily on technology, it makes sense to hire more tech-savvy drivers. Likewise, if your trucking company delivers Bibles and other church supplies, hiring a Christian driver or someone with a deep respect for religion might be your best bet.

3. Make an existing driver part of your interview team.

If nobody in your Human Resource Department has any truck-driving experience, consider selecting one of your finest and experienced current drivers to participate in the interviewing process. Having someone with the necessary knowledge and expertise in transportation can be the final filter that prevents your organization from hiring the wrong candidate for the job. This step is essential for all trucking companies, whether you transport office stationery or deliver shrink sleeve machines for product manufacturers to clients.

4. Dedicate time to practical sessions.

It makes sense to scrutinize your potential drivers’ behind-the-wheel skills before hiring them, so consider making time for a practical session during the hiring process. These sessions are perfect opportunities for applicants to demonstrate basic skills like backing up, accelerating through the gears, hooking, and unhooking a trailer, among others. This way, you can hire drivers who are worth their salt.

5. Offer competitive benefits and packages.

Many drivers abandon their jobs due to low pay and inadequate incentives from employers. Consequently, you’re likelier to recruit and retain drivers if you offer them competitive pay rates. You can discover what the general industry pay standards are and provide packages in line with these standards. Additionally, consider adding employee health and wellness benefits to your driver packages to make your recruiting efforts more successful.

Hiring the best drivers is increasingly essential nowadays, given the industry’s high turnover rates. The above-listed points are five helpful tips to help you attract and retain excellent drivers for your company.


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