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5 Steps to Launching a CBD Business in 2020

The health supplements industry is booming, especially when it comes to CBD products. Toting a variety of benefits, including helping anxious individuals cope with their anxiety and even helping treat epilepsy, CBD has become the star of the world of naturopathic health. If you’re interested in cashing in on the CBD boom, here are five steps to launch your CBD business in 2020.

Consult with an expert legal team

If you’re going to go into an industry with as much federal and state regulation as the CBD business, it’s important that you have a reliable lawyer in your corner. Having an expert team of attorneys who can look over your business model, inventory, and marketing strategy can be the difference between building a sustainable company and one that shutters after a new state or city ordinance is passed. Finding a California marijuana lawyer like McAllister Garfield is ideal for this sort of market since they have experience representing a wide range of businesses in cannabis law. Whether it’s helping you understand how to use social media to responsibly advertise your wares or what regulations apply to dispensaries and infused-product makers, you’ll get all of the information and guidance you need from a team like McAllister Garfield.

File the right paperwork

When you start any business, it’s important to register yourself as an official business. You’ll also want to figure out whether or not you want to structure your business as a limited liability corporation, a sole proprietorship, or something else. Each of these business structures has its own pros and cons, so make sure to do your research before you go into business. The last thing you want is for your business to get shut down because you failed to file the right paperwork.

Come up with a brand

As CBD becomes more popular on the open market, it’s becoming increasingly important to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Part of that involves coming up with a great, recognizable brand that sets you apart through its logo, color scheme, and even the way that you write. Keep in mind that a large portion of brand marketing has moved to social media, so coming up with a unique “voice” for your company can go a long way in helping establish your presence in a crowded field. Look at Twitter accounts like Wendy’s for inspiration to see how thinking outside of the box could help you make a strong splash in your niche.

Make a website

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to do business without a professional-looking website. Thankfully, there are dozens of platforms that make it easier than ever to create a great website. Squarespace and Wix are two of the most popular options, both of which include e-commerce and social media integration. Each of these websites also lets you use themes that help your website look great without any prior coding knowledge required. All of these features help make your business more productive and make it easier for you to build and grow your company.

Source great products

Of course, even with a smart brand and engaging website, your business is nothing without great products. Finding the right CBD products to sell will really help set you apart from others, and can help you build a loyal customer base. For example, finding a great deal on CBD cigarettes for sale from a business like Plain Jane can give you a big advantage in a crowded market. Plain Jane is a respected company offering a host of affordable, all-natural products for sale, so reaching out to them about wholesale distribution opportunities could be a major win for your business’ image.


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