3 Ways Variable Data Printing Software Impacts Your Business

One of the most important things to remember in marketing is that your current customers should always be your target audience. It’s easier to sell more products to your loyal customers than it is to attract new customers. Don’t get us wrong, attracting new customers is vital to your business’s success, but the last thing you want is to lose your current customers chasing new ones.

Variable data printing is one of the greatest tools for marketing to your current customers. It uses customer data and the automation of different processes to improve the efficacy of marketing efforts. So, pour yourself a cup of tea, and get ready to learn about how variable data printing (VDP) can impact your business.

1. Variable data printing streamlines digital, email, and direct mail marketing.


Big data has forever altered the way businesses connect with their customer base. Now, companies have the resources and insights to get personal with their marketing campaigns. Furthermore, they’re able to reach consumers through more channels than ever, including email, direct mail, social media, and pay-per-click ad campaigns.

Variable data printing software enables companies to create ad campaigns for various platforms. Furthermore, you can create templates for future marketing efforts. These templates will help to create a voice for your brand and promote brand consistency. You can even use this software to set which elements of your templates are variable and which are stagnant, greatly reducing the time it takes to create targeted ads for different customers.

2. Using variable data empowers targeted marketing campaigns with analytics insights.


Data analytics is one of the greatest software solutions in recent history. It turns your customer database into a virtual crystal ball that you can use to get insights into their behavior and demands. You’ll need everything you learned while pursuing your network certification to keep this sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

VDP enables you to use information from different data sources to choose targets for specific ad campaigns. This enables you to fine-tune your marketing efforts and ensure all of your initiatives land on your target audience.

One of the great things about targeted ads is they significantly increase the rate of response for marketing campaigns. The better you know your customers, the easier it is to build trust with them. Creating ads that call on them by name will attract their attention and increase the chances of consumers making a personal connection with your brand. Personal connections are golden as they’re the stuff customer loyalty is made of.

3. VDP decreases the time and cost of creating marketing campaigns.


Can you imagine how long it would take to create unique email blasts for 1,000 people? It’s head-spinning to think about, right? One of the best things about VDP software is it enables you to significantly cut the amount of time and the cost of creating bulk mail and other types of marketing campaigns.

With VDP, you can automate your email and social media marketing on a massive scale. The software can use customer data to fill in the variable fields itself, meaning there isn’t much need for human oversight. This frees your creative team to work on new campaigns while using VDP to automate the creation and dissemination of marketing materials to thousands of people through various means.

Variable data printing is one of the greatest innovations in marketing and presentation design. You can use it to create templates for future ad campaigns, use customer data to create brochures and other ads for specific demographics, and create custom imagery using the illustrator tool. In the end, it’s all you can hope for in a marketing tool in that it promotes customer satisfaction and increases your marketing ROI. So, are you ready to start implementing customer data in your marketing efforts?


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