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3 Pharmacy Career Options: What’s Right for You?

There’s a good reason why people choose to work in the STEM field. With a large number of available professions, there’s a career option for every type of individual. A career in health care is one that is both fulfilling and fun! You get to work with patients and provide options to help them heal. And every day, you have the chance to work with state-of-the-art technology. Getting a job as a health care professional is a great way to be a contributing member of society. Pharmacy is one of many fields you can consider.

There’s always a high demand for pharmacists. With options to work in research, clinics, or hospitals, the flexibility draws in many college students looking for high-paying jobs. Pharmacists are responsible for providing prescription drugs under the medical advice of your physician. These roles are essential to the health care industry, and it’s a job that allows you to develop long-term relationships with patients without the messy parts of working in health care. If you’re thinking about pursuing a pharmacy career, here are three options to look over.

1. Community Pharmacy


Whether you live in Canada, the United Kingdom, or New Zealand, there are plenty of international pharmacies you could work for as a community pharmacist. Either way, you will serve as a frontline worker for your local community. Customers who want access to the best Canadian pharmacy, for example, can obtain prescription medications and products under your care. You can provide counseling services about medications and suggest over-the-counter medications, and you have the privilege of working in conjunction with other health care professionals and actual customers. Becoming a licensed pharmacist means you have a world of possibilities to explore!

2. Hospital Pharmacy


Maybe you’re hoping to work in an environment that services a larger variety of areas, like pediatrics, cardiology, surgery, neurology, and more. Hospital pharmacists work closely with hospital physicians to determine the best medications. If you’re not sure whether this is the right path for you, perhaps seeking out the advice of an admissions expert can help. Empowerly has college consultants to assist you in navigating a variety of roles within the pharmacy field. They’ll help you find the job that’s perfect for your strengths and apply to your dream school. Their guidance is personalized because they know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to the college process. Perhaps the hospital environment is where you’ll truly thrive!

3. Clinical Pharmacy


Lastly, there’s the option of working at a clinic. A patient may want to seek your professional medical advice at their appointment. From there, you can discuss medications, refills, and other effective treatments. As a clinical pharmacist, you aim to provide the best possible outcome for a patient’s health and wellbeing. This can even include how to achieve a healthy lifestyle and recommending proper screenings. If this sounds like the path for you, and you can envision yourself working in a clinic, then it may be time to start looking at schooling.

Becoming any kind of licensed pharmacist requires getting a doctorate degree. That means you’ll need to dedicate several years to acquire an undergraduate degree. Following that, you must apply for an accredited program and spend four years with the addition of one or two more years in residency. While it takes several years of schooling, many sources state that pharmacy is one of the best jobs in health care.

So, it may be high time to evaluate your skills and think about what you want your career to look like. If that’s working with patients and dispensing medications, then this might be the right option for you. Start looking into your desired career path today.


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