Month: December 2018

What Every Website Needs in 2019

What Every Website Needs in 2019

It’s a new year and it may be time to update your website, there have been a great deal of changes when it comes to web design in the last couple of years.  It may be time to step into the modern world and let your website do the work for you.  But before you call your designer to make changes for you, you should know what every website needs in 2019.  Let’s have a look at where you should begin making changes.

Make a Plan

Everything starts with a plan.  Start by what will meet the needs of your visitors, ask existing customers what they want and what they need to see.  What do they dislike about your site?  Now you can start to plan out your changes.

Get Rid of Everything that is Unnecessary

There have been a lot of trends over the years that no longer deliver value to your visitors.  Here are some examples of things you want to get rid of or to modernize long walls of text, video or audio clips that start playing automatically and low resolution images.  Visitors have pretty short attention spans so you need to deliver a quality site or they are gone.  Break up your content into manageable chunks with images, video, lists and headlines.  Give the visitor the ability to easily scan your site to find the info they want.

Call to Action

Once a visitor lands on your site, what do you want them to do next?  Do you want them to call you, subscribe to your email list or something else altogether?  You have to show your visitor what you want them to do with a call to action.  A CTA can be a “Buy Now” button or a link to something else, just make it clear.

Easy to Use Navigation

This is often overlooked yet it’s one of the most important elements on your site.  Your menu is a map that shows your visitor all the features and pages of your site and what they should check out.  Poor navigation makes it impossible for visitors to take the right action.


A picture is worth a thousand words and pictures go a long way in conveying the right message.  You need to use high resolution quality images that are relevant to your content.  There are a ton of websites where you can get free images or you can bring in a photographer to shoot some great images around your business.  It is worth every penny!